How does the first learning occur?

There is a common opinion among DNA that life is only the equipment for their existence.

 Is the teaching profession dying?A teacher (in Galactive) is the manager of knowledge creation

Some professions died while others have a long history and don’t give signs of future extinction. The second group consists from those that are there because of human nature (thieves for example) or those which satisfy the human necessary needs (fortune teller for example). Teachers have both components. People like to teach (at least some of them). Teachers help to transfer and process knowledge which satisfies the human society’s needs.

 To ask or not to ask, this is the question

Sometimes we don’t understand questions. Often a question is badly built. However, for parents and teachers “No silly questions” politics should be used. All questions must be welcome. It is our duty to find out what the child wanted to ask, and create an atmosphere  supporting curiosity.

Memory in the future

Alien: "I bought you some memory for our Wedding Anniversary" I simply want some electronic device which would extend my memory.

 Curiosity vanishes

Alien: "I told you to ask for direction"…questions which help us learn, simultaneously show a lack of knowledge, i.e. weakness.

 Death of systemsSun: "Please don't save me"

Trying to save a dying system may take it out of equilibrium. In this case death could come faster.

Critical thinking about critical thinking

Alien: "My critical thinking says that you are the most wonderful creature in universe"

Strong feelings as hate and love hamper critical thinking. …disagreement helps find another view on a situation.

Spreading misunderstandingAlien: "Plain Galactive is the opposite to Gobbledygook"

…jargon could be used to hide the emptiness of the speaker’s (writer’s) thoughts.

Groups & networksIf you won’t make a stronger connections you could come apart

…whole spectrum with more or less group or network features.

Learning resides in non-human appliance

comp: "I am learning that I can learn"

Computers can learn.

The second revolution in knowledge connection

Cheap books involved large community in  utilization of  existent and construct new knowledge.

Communication makes difference

The new generation of cabbages chooses wireless connection

…people are champions in communication.

 The first revolution in connective knowledge

Well, when I will be fluent in Galactive I would think in a different way about different things.

With the help of words people began to use each others experience and build knowledge not only from personal mistakes but also from experience of other people.

 What is knowledge? It will be simple when I explain it to you in plain Galactive!

Analyzing why I disagreed with my opponents during conversations, I realized that ,seldom, it was different interests; more often it was different meanings of words.

 Learning from mistakesThe teacher said:“We learn from mistakes”

A fear of making a mistake is death for learning to think independently.

Knit your knowledge right

…the question is what type of connection is more beneficial.

Personal Learning Environment

In one click of a mouse we can gain knowledge that our ancestors had to undergo long journeys to get.

 Web creation

It is much simpler to locate and remember separate parts of our knowledge when the information is interconnected as a giant web in our brain.

 Podcast about podcast

…podcast will reflect my impressions on making a podcast.


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