Do you try to construct CMAP diagram that shows the sources from which we learn thru life? While constructing the diagram, I saw the number of my information sources continuously expended, and  I needed to include the full  world around me. From this I concluded that there is no information shortage, but there is a problem of keeping all this knowledge inside.

in and out

If the information is separated into single disconnected units, it becomes hard to access and easily forgotten. In an imaginary library where the books, the pages and even the words themselves are laid in a great messy pile, it is quite impossible to find anything useful. However, if we put the words and the pages in order, connect them and, finally ,catalog the books by similar themes, this imaginary library would become much more approachable and valuable. It is much simpler to locate and remember separate parts of our knowledge when the information is interconnected as a giant web in our brain. Here comes to mind the internet, the World Wide Web, a constantly shifting database were all information is linked to each other . In both cases, the more information you have the larger the amount of links and connections thru which you can get to your desired destination.brathers of mind


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