Communication makes difference

Posted: February 22, 2012 in connectivism, Education, knowledge
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Most of the things that animals know they received with genes. It is difficult to imagine that knowledge of such complex behaviour was saved and transported with genes. See mice for example:

Of course, just like people, animals must learn for survival, and they learn from their experience. Dog owners know this well. Although animal learning abilities, of course, are lower than humans I don`t think that learning abilities made the difference between us.

Translation of knowledge makes the difference. Language makes the difference. Could animals speak? Here is an example at monkey’s attempt to speak:

Plants surprised me. Cabbage, for example, can transmute information to other cabbages about being cut. However, the fact that the other cabbages could understand it surprised me more.

 There is no doubt that people are champions in communication. Unlike animals and plants we can use it for amusement.


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