My English teacher once said to me. “What is wrong with you? In everything you have found a different point of view. Could you, once, simply agree with me?” And I agree with him .He is right. I have a problem. My problem is critical thinking.

Everyone has critical thinking. At least everybody I asked. Everyone knows what critical thinking is. At least everybody I asked. We all have the ability to be critical… about someone whom we dislike. It is more difficult to be critical towards our favorite actor or sports club and almost impossible toward ourselves. “Love is blind”. Strong feelings as hate and love hamper critical thinking. It is hard to see something good in something we hate and something bad in what we love.

Alien to his girlfriend: "My critical thinking says that you arethe most wonderful creature in universe."

On the other hand critical thinking could complicate our relationships. Agreement makes connections stronger. Usually it is much easier to agree than disagree. With critical thinking we often disagree. Few like that. But unanimity is boring. Consensus doesn’t bring new and only disagreement helps find another view on a situation.

P.S. It seems that those who disagree with the above have a different definition of critical thinking. Practice shows that this definition is a generally accepted disagreement.

  1. Steve says:

    I like the idea of disorder and chaos theory that helps empower us to come to new ideas and consensus…but i do agree relationships would get really boring and tideous if we just agreed all the time.

    I did want to say i often have told my daughter to stand up for what she believes and look at ideas and concepts from different points of view. Her teachers have noted she is a leader and will often speak up in class…so maybe its okay to critically think about almost everything…

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