One Russian story tells about a man who began to speak at the age of 30. The first sentence the man spoke was “Where is the salt?”. Later he explained his muteness by the lack of need in speaking. “I had what I wanted”.

This example tells us not only about low expectations from life but also about a lack of curiosity. Real children behave differently. They want everything, want to be somebody and want to know.

Children ask questions not only because they want something. but also because they want to know. Kids ask questions because it’s the best way to learn. We are born with an instinct of curiosity. We ask even if asking questions has unpleasant consequences (see for example The Elephant’s Child of R. Kipling). We want to know because knowledge is power.

All knowledge gives us power but knowledge about people gives even more of it. Understanding others helps to communicate and in some cases to empower. From the other side, releasing information about yourself gives power to others. We don’t like that Google knows so much about us because it gives Google a huge amount of power and puts us in a position of weakness.

Knowledge is power but showing a lack of knowledge is weakness. Those questions which help us learn, simultaneously show a lack of knowledge, i.e. weakness. Demonstration of your weak spot is not always a good idea. A child can be weak. He has protection. Most people have an instinct to defend children. However, when people begin to mature they become more fragile, they don’t want to show their vulnerability and stop asking questions.

Why you are never ask for direction?

Alien: "I told you to ask for direction"

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  1. Muy buen post. Me dejó pensando eso de que la gente deja de hacer preguntas para no mostrar su vulnerabilidad. En el caso de los chilenos, son muy pocos los que preguntan. ¿Será que culturalmente no se estimula? ¿Qué se puede hacer para cambiar esto? Saludos

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