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Podcast about podcast (Audacity)

Today’s podcast will reflect my impressions on making a podcast.

The first step was when I downloaded the program. I turned on the headphones and the microphone tried to make some sound recordings. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the program operation but was quite unpleasantly socked by the result. The voice that came back from the headphones spoke with appalling grammatical errors and has strangely high timbre; all together   was very different from the familiar voice that I think I hear usually. Further investigation of the program revealed it as beings equipped to deal with part of such problems (unfortunately except grammar and accent). It appears that I can cut out bad recording parts, record and insert them anew. In regard to the voice tone, I can adjust my voice to my liking (improve nature), or make it funny. The program has some minor disadvantages, such as the necessity of additional installation if you want to transfer files to an “mp3” ore “wav” format, but in general the program is very user friendly and making a podcast with it is a pleasure.