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My English teacher once said to me. “What is wrong with you? In everything you have found a different point of view. Could you, once, simply agree with me?” And I agree with him .He is right. I have a problem. My problem is critical thinking.

Everyone has critical thinking. At least everybody I asked. Everyone knows what critical thinking is. At least everybody I asked. We all have the ability to be critical… about someone whom we dislike. It is more difficult to be critical towards our favorite actor or sports club and almost impossible toward ourselves. “Love is blind”. Strong feelings as hate and love hamper critical thinking. It is hard to see something good in something we hate and something bad in what we love.

Alien to his girlfriend: "My critical thinking says that you arethe most wonderful creature in universe."

On the other hand critical thinking could complicate our relationships. Agreement makes connections stronger. Usually it is much easier to agree than disagree. With critical thinking we often disagree. Few like that. But unanimity is boring. Consensus doesn’t bring new and only disagreement helps find another view on a situation.

P.S. It seems that those who disagree with the above have a different definition of critical thinking. Practice shows that this definition is a generally accepted disagreement.


It would be nice if everyone spoke the same language and every word had the same meaning. No need in translation, no misunderstandings occur… And people attempted to invent world languages for example Esperanto. However that didn’t work, maybe because of a motivation problem. Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Everybody wants to learn English. Soon Utopia would come to the world and everyone could understand everyone else.

Remember that Galactive is the only official language in the Galaxy

That doesn’t happen. And I don’t talk about accents. We of course, can understand each other in shops and in other similar simple situations. But its far more problematic to understand people, not of your own group, when  they speak of their interests. Each group has its own jargon, its own vocabulary.


Where does the trouble come from? Obviously there are special terms for specific needs. Every science and every trade has its own terminology. Doctors need names for our health problems and businessmen need them for our business problems. But if only it were just terms…  There are other reasons for jargon use. For example, it is a way to hide information from outsiders (prison slang) or to identify group affiliations ( to protect discussions from amateurs in the German school of philosophy). And last but not least, jargon could be used to hide the emptiness of the speaker’s (writer’s) thoughts.

Plain Galactive is the opposite to Gobbledygook

Albert Einstein said about explanations – “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” In my opinion, it’s desirable to use this principle more often.

P.S. Oops. I forgot about poetry.

The complexity of the words used in high poetry plays a tremendous role in the perception of weak connections in the universe

Reading about groups and network I understand that usually groups have stronger connections than networks. It is difficult to find pure networks because they have to be build from weak connections. Another side is the pure group. It has to be build only from strong connections .However in reality we don’t have dichotomy but a whole spectrum with more or less group or network features.

If you won’t make stronger connections you could come apart.

Printing changed accessibility of writing. Cheap books involved large community in  utilization of  existent and construct new knowledge.

Most of the things that animals know they received with genes. It is difficult to imagine that knowledge of such complex behaviour was saved and transported with genes. See mice for example:

Of course, just like people, animals must learn for survival, and they learn from their experience. Dog owners know this well. Although animal learning abilities, of course, are lower than humans I don`t think that learning abilities made the difference between us.

Translation of knowledge makes the difference. Language makes the difference. Could animals speak? Here is an example at monkey’s attempt to speak:

Plants surprised me. Cabbage, for example, can transmute information to other cabbages about being cut. However, the fact that the other cabbages could understand it surprised me more.

 There is no doubt that people are champions in communication. Unlike animals and plants we can use it for amusement.